• Brick Awards 2016

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“The Brick Award is like the presentation of a master class where the best and most interesting types of brick architecture from all over the world are presented to the public to show how far you can go with brick and what extraordinary things you can realise with this material.” Alfred Munckenbeck, jury member Wienerberger Brick Award 2016 “This project tries to find an answer to some of the moving questions of our time: how people can live together, how they interact with each other and from the inside out with the public space, and how they collectively use the facilities. These buildings are designed to provide people with affordable housing. In this project, the ceramic building material is hidden. It is an insulating building block, so it serves as both supporting structure and thermal insulation. And anyway, when you see the floor plan—let’s say it’ s trying to find freedom in its organisation. And it is obvious that brick actually allows this freedom in the design of the floor plan.” (excerpt from the jury statement)