• © Architectur: Duplex architects and BRUT; visualizations: Filippo Bolognese

Despite the given depth of the site, we are proposing a self-contained, point-like building—a solitaire of five stacked cubes tapering upwards and prominent in every direction. The ground plan with the shape of a free quadrangle is derived from the immediate urban context of street, building alignments and visual axes. The differentiated heights are in dialogue with the different building heights of the heterogeneous surrounding developments. This building is intended to counteract the mono-functional concept of high-rise buildings by creating a new vertical urban quarter featuring a broad mix of uses. Each of the five cubes houses its own programme, allowing the functional diversity of the building to be experienced in its design. Besides being quiet places for residents to spend time, the spacious terraces and roof gardens serve as communal gardening and cultivation areas in a dense urban context. A balanced ratio of extensively and intensively planted roof gardens enables the integration of various aspects of the local climate and the promotion of biodiversity in the urban space.